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2010 fashion recap/conclusion/mega-post

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I submitted this to AD at first, at least I think I did. I don't remember much from yesterday, lol. I don't know if they rejected it or not. Probably too long, and too much Selena (Is there such a thing?!). So I figured I'd post it over here instead for you fellow stans. So it doesn't go to complete waste.

Inspired by countless of Best/Worst dressed lists of 2010, and people on Tumblr posting their favorite outfits of the year - I decided to make a gallery of some of Selena's looks this year. From candids to performances to Red Carpets.



Red Carpet/Events:

Tell me - What did you think of Selena's style in 2010? Any outfits in particular you liked? Or you absolutely hated?

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thanks for making this! i love her style
I liked/loved most of them except for that red jacket and the split white trousers. I loved her KCA look. Perfect.

Love the post OP!
For the most part, I liked her 2010 style . It was nice seeing her take some risk fashion wise. My favorite look is probably the TCAs, everything was perfect! She looked absolutely stunning. I didn't like her ponytail look for Monte Carlo. Her hair in general was just really on and off for me.
As for me - my favorites were probably the KCA's and the TCA's. She looked amazing, and so, so pretty. Those very last pictures are stunning. I literally had to contain myself while I made the post.

Least favorites were the Hollywood Style Awards last month (make-up fail and I did not like the dress) and the VMA's. Other than that - she had a pretty good "style year".
Thanks for making this! I absolutely loved the KCAs and TCAs. Flawless! I think I'm one of the few people who kinda liked her dress @ the Hollywood Style Awards (but the the concealer was bad). Overall, I loved her 2010 style :)She looked amazing!
flawless post
This is incredible, thank you so much for doing this. She's absolutely GORGEOUS.
Aw. I'm late.... but anyway: I'm not gonna lie, my bb was a rollarcoaster this year. I thought everything was perfect up until filming Monte Carlo and it went downhill since then (with the exception of a few outfits/looks) but the last few months she been looks up to par again.

I still wished she'd get her eyebrows fixed.
IA about the eyebrows, it's probably one of the only things that bothers me about her look.
flawless. 2010 was not my absolute favorite (2008 and 2009 are both my faves) but i always love her style so yeah i loved it. i could do without some stuff she wore though, especially when she was in europe with the make up and stuff. i prefer her natural style, like in candids when she's even just in a t-shirt and jeans and such.
flawless post!
Flawlesss! St. Selenita is a fashion icon! ♥